CARRY glas drinking bottle 0,7l Design “Elephant”


Size: 260mm Height, 510 grams, 75mm diameter

Glass is hygienic because it is particularly easy to clean, both at low and high temperatures.
The material is natural, so there is no harmful substances to your drink and thus also to the health
not to your body. Glass is recyclable and therefore good for your environment.
Of course, glass behaves neutrally in terms of taste and provides a good taste – both from the inside and
outside.The robust glass of the drinking bottle is heat-resistant and even temperatures up to 70° Celsius.
Our glass is so versatile that even carbonated drinks into the bottle.

All these bottles are BPA free, BPS free and contain no softeners. The bottle is dishwater safe.

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CARRY helps to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle – simply by drinking water. Refill your bottle everywhere with fresh drinking water and drink as much as you want and as much as your body needs.

CARRY your water with you at all times and avoid waste from disposable plastic bottles. The drinking bottle is made out of glass, is free from harmful substances, is reusable and produced in Germany. It is good for you and good for your environment.

CARRY is the perfect everyday companion. With a volume of 0,7l, the bottle is big enough to ensure a sufficient water supply and just small enough to fit in your backpack, handbag or to sit on your desk.

The drinking bottle is leak-proof, even for carbonated drinks.

The bottle “elephant” comes from the german brand CARRY Bottles.