Bikes & Tricycles for kids between 3 and 5 years – high quality and cheap!

At littleYou you can buy really great running bikes and tricycles cheap online. Our products not only bring maximum play fun, but are always strong in design and unique in their design and material composition. If you don’t like the classic running wheels for toddlers, you will be thrilled by the littleYou assortment. For example, the BANWOOD Balance Bike is really beautiful and of excellent quality. It is designed for kids between the ages of 3 and 5 and is offered by LittleYou in different colors.

The perfect first bike for your child

Balance bikes are the perfect first wheels for kids. Not only do they bring playfulness, but they also help train balance and agility. In addition, these bikes strengthen the self-confidence of the little ones, so that the later switch to a bike with pedals usually goes smoothly.

BANWOOD bikes have a sturdy frame and have height-adjustable handlebars, so that the bike can grow with your child. In addition, BANWOOD bikes have the option of attaching a basket to the bike.

You are looking for a cheap bike helmet for your child? Then LittleYou is the right place for you! We carry high-quality helmets from BANWOOD in the designs “Chrome”, “Coral”, “Cream”, “Dark Green”, “Navy”, “Rosé”, “Red”, “Sky”, “White”.

Top quality wheels order cheap online

At littleYOU you can buy cheap wheels comfortably and quickly online. Just click through our kids stuff store and enjoy a wonderful shopping experience. We love uniqueness and have therefore dedicated ourselves to the Scandinavian style! In addition, we guarantee you a top quality with all our products. Convince yourself! We look forward to you and your order!