CARRY sleeve 0,7l “grey”


Color: grey

Material: felt from recycled PET bottles

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With this practical sleeve made of beautiful grey felt, your favourite CARRY bottle is nicely protected and packed extra unbreakable if you are travelling without a bag. The sleeve also has a small handle for easy carrying….

CARRY Your Bottle – Carry your drinking bottle in your new Upcycling bottle cover. The felt sleeve made from recycled PET bottles is the perfect protection for your glass drinking bottle. The shape of the sleeve is tailor-made and has been designed to fit your CARRY Bottle perfectly. So it not only fits like a glove, but also looks great when you carry it with you on the way. A casual and elegant handle made of natural cotton complements the minimalist design of the protective cover, making it even easier to carry your water bottle even when you don’t have a bag with you.

The protective cover is supplied in its original condition with the seam facing outwards. This gives it a particularly good stand. If you prefer to have the seam on the inside, you can simply turn the cover inside out, the protective cover can be used on both sides.

The sleeve is from the german brand CARRY Bottles.