londji Family Game “Orangutan”


Material FSC paper and recycled cardboard
Illustration Canseixanta
Box measurements 16.5×16.5x5cm
Instructions in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Catalan
Made in Barcelona


Londji has a family of orangutans who really want to play tricks! They have a good time playing and repeating the sounds and gestures that others make.
A game in which you will have to remember the sequence of sounds and gestures that you create among all the players from the images on the cards. You’ll need to get 3 orangutan cards before you run out of bananas!

A game that:
· Enhances mental agility, creative response and working memory.
· Includes game variables that allow you to increase the difficulty and the recommended age range.
· Combat shyness in children, adolescents and adults.

A very fun sound and gesture memory card game for your whole family. Get the 3 orangutans before the bananas run out!

Recommended from 5+ onwards

From the spanish brand “londji” (Barcelona)