Senger Natur Cuddly Toy and Warming Pillow “Puppy” (large)


Material: Plush fabric: 100% Organic Cotton,, Filling: 100% Lambswool, Removable Heating Cushion: organic spelt chaff

Size: approximately 40 cm, Weight: approximately 280 g

Care Instructions: Gentle hand wash. Please do not spin and remove the heat cushion before washing.

Instructions for use: Unzip and remove the cushion with the cherry seeds. To warm: Oven 10-15 minutes at 75°C. To cool: Put the cushion for 30 minutes in the freezer compartment.
Not suitable for babies under two months!

Environmentally-friendly materials without chemical additives or harmful substances.

Handmade  in Germany


Watch out: Here comes our versatile all-rounder! This lovingly handmade cuddly toy dog puppy with floppy ears from the Senger Natur brand is both a warming and cooling pillow! Inside the lovable and timeless cuddly animal is a removable pillow made of organic cotton, filled with spelt meal, which is perfect for warming up, but also for cooling. The heat pillow not only pampers the little ones perfectly on cold days, but is also good for stomach aches or muscle tension. The spelt pillow can also be stored in the freezer for a short time to cool down after falls, stings, etc. The spelt pillow can also be used as a cooling pad. The animals of Senger Naturwelt are handmade in every production step in Germany – from sheep’s wool of the roaming shepherds in the Eifel in West Germany and certified organic cotton. Each cuddly toy has its own face and character. These animals will prove to be a loyal companion! Tip: Due to the animal shape, the pillow is also perfect as a travel pillow…